Everyone has their own natural talents and abilities. As we learn to become more authentically ourselves, these instinctively arise, expressing effortlessly. 

This can be a challenging time as move from our 'old' self into someone who is often unrecognisable. We may lose the life and precious relationships we have long held as we transform, learning to live in our heart space rather than our minds.  How can we manage this metamorphosis with grace and courage? 

For over 20 years, I have been researching and studying the mysteries of life so that I might create a world I want to live in. This has often been a bumpy road, fraught with extreme challenge as I learned to recognise then release deep conditioning and unconscious beliefs. 

I've learned reiki, taken courses in mind power completed a 3 month meditation course with Dr. Joe  Dispenza. I possess accreditation as a Tai Chi Wellness Instructor.  I've researched theology, ancient cultures and religious texts in search of healing. I've absorbed endless hours of spiritual dialogue from the world's greatest masters yet nothing has taught me more than being courageous enough to meet my own heart.



Self love is the greatest gift to all.

The soul is life's greatest exploration yet for many of us, it remains a universe so far removed from who we believe ourselves to be that we never quite get there.  We live in a society of doing rather than being. And yet, we all crave this mysterious force we know as stillness. This is not something  'out there,' it is within you and all of creation. As we learn to tap into this inner resource of universal perfection, we organically come to understand our intrinsic connection with all life, abiding in a sense of deep peace and reverence for all, including ourselves.

I possess over 20 years of experience in cultivating the art of self love. I offer personal guidance sessions in discovering your deepest self. I know what it feels like to be directionless, hopeless and displaced within. I can assist you in recognising your unconscious beliefs and patterns so that you too, may create the life your heart yearns to express. 

We all have a sacred inner voice. This is our true self. Our  esprit, Our supreme essence. For many of us, this articulation is often muted by the continual, endless stream of thoughts that make up our unconscious beliefs. We can tell ourselves all we want that we are worthy or wonderful, but if we don't believe that deep down, it will never be true for us. 

I provide personal counselling sessions via skype or in person if you are locally based. Contact me and discover how to set yourself free by liberating your heart and mastering your mind. 

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Organise a personal consultation for yourself and liberate your soul's most authentic expression. 



Authentic Expression

We all have something we wish to express. It can often be difficult to find just the right words to convey our message. I am proficient in getting right down the heart of a matter. I love working with others as messenger to their most  original essence. I am available to assist you with any of the following however, please do not limit your imagination. 

Professional Services

I can help you with: professional documents, emails, articles, blog posts, web content and copy writing. Everyone has an innate ability to perceive integrity and when we do, we instinctually  trust that person or organisation. When we work via our heart, we become naturally successful. 

Personal Services

Our heart's are the most beautiful aspect to our humanity. When we communicate this infinite, inner light, our words resound with truth. 

With sincere  articulation, we may heal wounds, convey connection and understanding. We unite at soul level where the perfection of the heart may be fully expressed. We can feel safe being vulnerable, knowing that in authenticity, there is great courage and unshakeable strength. Love always prevails. 

Allow me to help you to voice your truth with: personal and private emails, apology and love letters, marriage vows, speeches, eulogies, death and dying expressions. 

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